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Tread the Terra

Company Name: Tread the Terra

Type: Artisanal Handmade Jewelry

By Brenda Glasure, Sole Proprietor, Maker, Metalsmith, Design, Web-Master, Photographer, Salesperson; Always accompanied by her husband, Earl

Backstory: "It was the late 1980s. We were living large with our big hair and big dreams. My guy was in a different state, training for a job that would become his lifelong career. I was working at a hands-on science museum. I had a unique position for a huge exhibit we were doing in partnership with the National Science Foundation. I couldn't leave. My guy couldn't leave, so instead and letting me feel sorry for myself, my friend showed up at my door with lots of wine and plenty of acrylic clay! The jewelry bug bite me hard that weekend as I honed my skills at creating cane-worked, millefiori beads."

"Over the years, I wanted to be able to produce the visions I had in my head. In order to do that, I needed more skills, more practice, mentors, experience, tools and torches (fire!), and a willingness to go out on a limb time and time again."

"So...I am still with my guy (36 years married -- and counting!) There is still joy in the making. Every time I step foot in my studio, I feel the excitement of producing something that wasn't in the world before I made it. The possibilities are limitless!"

Tread the Terra has been apart of the Wildroots family now for 1 year and decided to join because there are several makers she admires who are apart of the Wildroots family, making it a natural choice whenever she needed to look for new markets and shows.

Current projects: Brenda is doing a complete overhaul of her website and enrolled in an Art as Business class. She aspires to do better in all *things*; accounting, marketing, web-mastering, photographing, and tracking inventory.

Special Project/Plans to look forward to 😉: Brenda is currently working on a number of special collections -- her usual Posh Posies (large blossom necklaces), Floral Fantasies (intricate botanicals in sterling silver and copper), Damsels and Dragons (dragonflies and dragons), and her newest Goddess line.

Outside of Tread the Terra, Brenda enjoys spending time with the family, writing, sunsets, walks by Lake Erie, spinning, cooking, and “getting her nerd on” with her Tuesday Night trivia team. “Life’s good.”

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