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The Wall Caddy

Company Name: The Wall Caddy

Type: (Handmade, personalizable, customizable, wall-mounted storage caddies)

By Tony Madden Owner — Sole Proprietor

The Wall Caddy offers handmade, personalizable, customizable, wall-mounted storage caddies great for dog/cat owners and anyone else with a storage need for retail bags, garage towels, shop rags, etc. They mount great in garage, mudroom, on covered back porch/deck, or anywhere else to provide convenience. Tony and The Wall Caddy wanted to create a one-stop convenient location for all his dog walking needs; waste bags, harnesses, and leash for his dog. Tony never thought that one day he would make these caddies for sale. One day while getting his dog ready for a walk, he wondered if others would love it as much as he did. The Wall Caddy was born and since has evolved to be a single design with many uses and is currently in a Patent Pending status with the United States Patent and Trademark Office!

Tony thinks the biggest leap of faith he took is not knowing if others would find the convenience and utility of the Caddies as helpful as he does. Additionally, deciding to pursue a patent for my product (which is not cheap) is another leap of faith Tony is taking.

The Wall Caddy has been with Wildroots for less than a year but chose to join the Wildroots family because the organization from start to end of the event was very thorough. The friendliness of the staff and other vendors was also greatly appreciated.

Tony’s vision for his company is to get his caddies in stores and develop a bigger online presence in order to reach more customers.

Current Projects: Developing a caddy for dog owners who have multiple dogs.

Also Tony now has an Etsy store up and running!

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