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Papillon Handcrafted Jewelry Co.

Company Name: Papillon Handcrafted Jewelry Co.

Type: (Handmade Jewelry)

By Jess Donnelly, Creator, Maker, Does of All Things

Papillon Handcrafted Jewelry Co. all started in the fall of 2018 in a tiny linen closet that was converted into a studio. Jess, Creator, Maker, Does of All Things Papillon, was working full time at a job that had her strapped for happiness. Jess knew her creative side was missing something and that she always wanted to explore metalworking, so that is when she decided to go all in. She made the tough decision to quit her job, leaving the financial security behind, and plunged right in to starting her own business.

Jess named her company “butterfly” in French simply because she was ready for metamorphosis.

Current Projects: A collection that’s inspired by plants native to NE Ohio along with the pollinators that enjoy them so much.

Special Project/Plans to look forward to 😉: 1 and 3 day workshops :)

Papillon Handcrafted Jewelry Co. has been with Wildroots for one year now and initially decided to join because Jess found it obvious that there is a sense of community that surrounds the market. Jess has followed Wildroots on Instagram for a while and always felt like she fit in, even though she had never been to a market yet. She also finds it very important that Wildroots is always adapting; there are new locations popping up all over and every show is different! Because of our market, Jess has been able to connect with so many other makers and cannot wait to collaborate with them in the future.

Outside of Papillon Handcrafted Jewelry Co.

Jess enjoys climbing, biking, running, water sports, and generally getting outside at any chance. Jess also likes to volunteer — whether it be picking up trash around Cleveland and in our waters, visiting and walking dogs at our local Animal Protective League (APL).

Final thoughts: Nature is Jess’s motivator and she wants to protect it. Each purchase gives back!

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