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Corrina's Candles

Company Name: Corrina's Candles

Type: Seasonal and Limited Edition all-natural soy wax candles and wax melts

By Corrina Colyer, Owner and Candle Maker

Backstory: In 2015, I started making DIY candles as gifts for family and friends. This part-time hobby quickly turned into my passion. In 2018, I decided to pursue my dreams of candle making and created Corrina's Candles. I actually invested my tax return into my first order of supplies. It sat around for a while because I was afraid to get started. I didn't have all of the resources at first. All the small tasks like creating a logo, figuring out stickers and a website seemed so daunting. Once I got started, all the little things started to come together and everything started falling into place with the hard work I put in. There is nothing I love more than creating candles for customers. Seeing people's reactions to the scents and knowing that a candle can change someone's mood instantly is the reason why I create. Our products can change the atmosphere and vibe of a space, created with love from my home to there home. It's amazing.

Corrina’s Candles has been apart of the Wildroots family for about 1 year now. Corrina decided to join Wildroots when she found Wildroots on Instagram in 2018. Following our social media posts was what got her interested. Corrina loved all the vendors they had showcased and the overall vision of the market made her want to apply. What Corrina loves most about Wildroots is Jacque's goal to connect artists and makers and help us plant our roots and grow in our businesses. She stated that it has been a wonderful opportunity to grow in the different locations Wildroots offers and connect with new customers and makers.

The vision of Corrina's Candles is to grow and make this my full-time job. I would love to have my own storefront one day and offer new products and workshops.

Special Project/Plans to look forward to 😉: Currently experimenting with room/linen sprays.

Outside of her business, Corrina loves hiking, reading, road trips, and spending time with family and friends.

Check Corrina's Candles out on Instagram!

Also, check out her website here!

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