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Auld Henne Designs

Company Name: Auld Henne Designs

Type: (Handmade jewelry in copper and paper)

By Janet Neyrinck, Artist and Maker

Janet has always, always engaged in some form of craft. As a child she was taught to sew, embroider, knit and crochet by the women in her family. At one time she produced a line a silk batik evening wear. Janet’s current medium involved traditional metal-smithing on copper combined with components of watercolor paper, layered and bound with a special binder and coating, which means you’ll be wearing a tiny watercolor painting! There is a Japanese method called Urishi which is similar. She uses beads of all types to add additional interest and color. Janet is a retired medical billing coder/auditor and her soul was starving for an outlet for her creativity. Janet must create beauty to share.

Auld Henne Designs has been apart of the Wildroots family for one year now and decided to join the family because she looked for a community based outlet for her work along with a philosophy of keeping things local. Auld Henne Designs loves hows how smooth the vendor-side processes are as well as meeting fellow vendors. They’ve been an inspiration to Janet. She hopes to continue growing her skills to keep making beauty.

Special Project/Plans to look forward to 😉: Janet Hopes to expand her metal-smithing skills to include more precious metals and stones, which she loves.

Outside of Auld Henne Designs, Janet likes to read, swim, and hike the metroparks.

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