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Wildroots is not just a market

Wildroots is not only a modern market for makers and small business owners, but we are also a creative family open to all. With over 500 vendors, you are sure to find something unique at each of our rotating locations. Whether you find us in the historic streets of Downtown Willoughby or through the gardens of Thorncreek winery, we promise you an experience filled with quality goods and good vibes.

BEHIND The Market

Jacque Thompson,

Founder and Market Manager

Wildroots is a lifestyle for Jacque and her family that acts as a reminder that anything is possible. Her favorite part about Wildroots is watching brand new makers that join our family, bloom in their personal and professional life. Outside of Wildroots, Jacque loves camping and being in nature with her family.

The Backstory

Established in 2013, Wildroots started with around 90 makers and now our family includes 600+ creatives in all forms. Wildroots debuted in Hudson, Ohio and now expands in various communities across Northeast Ohio.

I hope that Wildroots can give you the space you need to look inside, realize that you do not have to do things that don't work for you. You can do anything you set your mind on. You can be an artist, a mom, a musician and you are equally as important and smart and worthy as anyone else. Giving people the chance to listen to their heart and do what is best for them is something I hope Wildroots can offer to anyone who follows us.

- Jacque Thompson




Wildroots Modern Market