2021 Season Notice

Hello Wildroots Creative Family,


My family and I have thought long and hard about what is to come of Wildroots Modern Market.  We have been waiting for nearly a year now, and that year has been the most challenging year of my life.  Gatherings have been forced to stop, the energy is gone and the passion has turned into grief (for myself ).  Sitting on my hands hasn't been easy with the market, life otherwise has certainly gone on, generally well thankfully, and we hope the same for all of you.  


It is time though my friends,  I cannot as an individual or as a business owner pretend that Wildroots  is going back to what it was.  Wildroots for all intensive purposes went out of business in March of 2020, there's been no markets, no income, no community, no forgivable loans, and no clear signs that it's capable of returning to anything that resembles what we worked to build.   The decision was not taken lightly, but we have decided to close Wildroots Modern Market down. 


We thank you for everything you and your businesses have done for Wildroots and the communities we gathered in.  


Our family will continue to support  local small businesses and help spread the word to others as much as we can.  I do hope we will all gather again someday.  I am going to allow myself time to ground and grow, just like I have always talked about.  Wildroots Modern Market will be a happy memory for me, but "The Wildroots" still runs deep within me and always will. 


Much love and the best to all of you.


Wildroots Modern Market